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Philadelphia Environmental Portrait: Carlo Fiammenghi Interior Designer

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am fascinated with architecture and history. I love walking into a space and wondering what had been there previously, imagining how a place looked years, decades, and in some cases centuries prior. There is a scene at the end of the Scorcese film Gangs of New York that shows the skyline of New York evolving over 100 years. A similar scene plays out in my head when I look at a building or a room and imagine what was there in years past. That being said, I have very little ability to walk into an empty space and imagine what should go there now or in the future. I am consistently impressed with someone who can do just that: enter a room and envision the exact furniture and decorations that will make that room come to life.

This past fall I worked on a shoot for Philadelphia Style Magazine about interior designer, Carlo Fiammenghi and an apartment he designed on Market Street in Philadelphia,PA. As soon as you walk into the apartment you are struck by the style: strong lines, vibrant colors, and lots of translucent and semi-reflective surfaces. The entire apartment had a cohesive flow and was modern, unique and inviting. To add to the interior design, every room had a beautiful view of the Philadelphia skyline, whether it was the Cira Centre and the train tracks disappearing west into the suburbs or center city’s cluster of shiny sky-scrapers. Carlo was genuinely excited about the apartment, and was eager to explain where each custom piece came from and how it was made. He seemed to have such a strong understanding of the owner John’s taste. As I was working, and listening to Carlo talk to John, about things like food and life in Philadelphia, I was struck by how much Carlo knew about John. It occurred to me that Carlo’s job goes well beyond choosing art and furniture and placing it in the room. He needs to understand who a person is in order to know what they want to surround them where they live: a tough task to be sure but Carlo did an incredible job. Enjoy the images!



philadelphia style article on interior designer carlo fiammenghi - images by ben weldonInterior image of an ultra-modern entrancewaymodern condo in philadelphia by ben weldoncontemporary apartment in philadelphia by ben weldonmodern apartment in philadelphia by ben weldonimage of a modern bedroom in philadelphia by photographer ben weldonPhiladelphia Interior Designer Carlo Fiammenghi by Phialdelphia Portrait Photographer Ben WeldonPhiladelphia Interior Designer Carlo Fiammenghi by Philadelphia Photographer Ben WeldonPhiladelphia Interior Designer Carlo Fiammenghi by Photographer Ben Weldon

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