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Chase Lenfest: A Philadelphia Magnate

Recently, I worked on a piece for Philly Style Magazine that featured Philadelphia entrepreneur, Chase Lenfest. I always like to know a bit about my subjects before the shoot and a quick google search returned a host of different companies that Chase owns or invests in in the Philadelphia area. The article I was working on focused on his home, a 5,850 square foot condo on the 46th floor of Two Liberty Place. At the time that it was purchased, it was the most expensive condo in Philadelphia, a whopping 7.7 million. The condo has a Bruce-Wayne-bachelor-pad vibe to it, with all sorts of modern flair. Of the myriad amenities, my favorite was easily the tv that rose from a translucent alabaster footboard at the base of the bed. The view was, of course, spectacular and at sunset, the city never looked better. Here are some pictures of Chase in his home.

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