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Surfers on Maui’s North Shore

surfers on mauiEarlier this year we had the pleasure of traveling to Hawaii for several shoots on Maui and Oahu. One of those shoots was a series featuring surfers on Maui’s north shore. When picturing Maui it’s almost impossible not to conjure up images of surfers riding the waves along the island’s gorgeous coastline. I was more interested in photographing the moments just before the surfers enter the sea and spent three evenings on the rocky shoreline east of the town of Paia. Each afternoon, surfers would appear on the cliff above me. Then, barefoot and holding their brightly colored surfboards, they’d climb down the steep hill, and scramble across glistening boulders to the point where the waves met rock. As the seawater erupted in mini-volcanos around them, the surfers went through their own unique preparations, staring intensely out at the sunset and timing the tidewater as it drew in and out. Finally when the ocean settled for moment in some imperceptible way (at least to my eyes), they dove in. It was an incredible experience capturing this ritual as it repeated over and over again in slightly different and amazing ways. I’m excited to share just a few of our favorite images from the series.

a teenage surfer puts on his fins and watches the waves roll in at sunset on mauia body surfer in Maui climbs across rocks toward the sea and the sunseta young surfer stands on the rocks at Mauiwide shot of the rocks at mauiyoung teenage surfer holds his green and white board and steps from the rocks into the ocean on Mauia young surfer times the waves as he prepares to jump in to the ocean with his board in hawaii

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